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About Information Privacy

Toll Collect GmbH would like to thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company. We take the privacy of your personally identifiable information very seriously. We handle your personally identifiable in strict accordance with the information privacy laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Personally identifiable information is information about your identity, such as your name, postal address, e-mail address or phone number, but also usage information like the date and time you accessed our website, what pages you visited and how long you were there.
Below, we explain what information Toll Collect GmbH collects during your visit to our website and how we use it.

Collection and processing of personally identifiable information

Access to the public website of Toll Collect GmbH

Your activity on the Toll Collect website is generally anonymous. We will not collect any personally identifiable information unless you contact us, such as to:

  • register with us
  • sign up for our newsletter
  • ask us a question
  • participate in one of our surveys
  • ask us to send you information material or
  • sign up to visit our Privacy Exhibition

In these cases, we will need varying degrees of personally identifiable information from you. We may, for example, ask for your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. It is your decision whether to send us this information by filling in the appropriate fields. We will use this information only to process your specific request.
However, certain information is automatically transmitted to our web servers for technical reasons whenever you access our website. This includes the URL of the page from which you accessed our site, the browser you used (for example, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and the exact time of your visit. This information cannot be associated with specific individuals, and we do not merge it with information from other sources. Therefore, your anonymity is guaranteed as long as you only visit our website. We store this information for up to 48 hours to help us detect and correct errors or outages.

Access to the portal applications of Toll Collect GmbH

Business transactions between users or service partners and Toll Collect GmbH such as account changes, vehicle registration and user management may be handled via portal applications. Information provided in this manner by users or service partners is transmitted to our backed systems and used there in accordance with the law.
In addition, the following information may be stored in log files for up to 7 days during your use of portal applications for error and performance analysis and transaction tracking purposes:

  • User identification
  • Time of the enquiry as well as our responses
  • Amount of data transferred
  • Accessed transactions (URLs)
  • Error messages from authentification tool and applications


Cookies are small files that allow specific information to be stored on your computer during your visit to a website. Toll Collect uses mainly temporary cookies on its own websites and portal applications.
Temporary cookies exist only for a limited time and contain information such as an identification number known as a session ID. They allow the server to attribute consecutive requests from a browser to the same user. They are automatically deleted once the user closes the browser.
We also generate a persistent cookie to store your language preferences for the portal. Permanent cookies are also saved by the software Piwik, which we use for the anonymous statistical usage evaluation of our website. You can find more information on Piwik in the section with the same name on this page. You can also decline the use of Piwik here.
Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can change your browser settings at any time or use our website without cookies. However, doing so may limit the functionality of our site. Use of our portal applications is not possible without cookies.


Toll Collect GmbH has implemented extensive security measures to protect stored personally identifiable information against unauthorised access, misuse, destruction and loss. For example, communications between our web server and your browser are generally encrypted. Our security measures are continuously adapted to reflect the latest changes in technology.

Social Media Plugins

Our website uses plugins for various social media, namely:

  • Facebook plugins (“Like” button): Facebook Inc., 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.
  • Twitter (Retweet): Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA 
  • Google +1 button: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

These plugins are identifiable by their respective logos.
We employ a two-step process for sharing content from our site on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using special buttons provided by You'll find these buttons, for example, at the bottom of each one of our blog posts. These buttons do not transmit information to third parties.
Rather, by clicking on them, you give your consent to sharing information with the corresponding social media network. Only information from that specific page will be transmitted and only to the network you select. To “Like” something on Facebook, you must first click the button next to the Facebook icon to activate it. Only then will a connection to the Facebook server be established. Once this is done, click the Facebook icon to share the content on Facebook. The same applies to the Twitter and Google + buttons.
If you click the Facebook “Like” button while you are logged into your Facebook account, your Facebook profile will be linked to our site. This allows Facebook to track your visits to our site. If you do not want Facebook to be able to track your activity on our site, log out of your Facebook account.
To use the Google +1 button, you will need a globally visible, public Google profile, which must contain at least a profile name. This name is used for all Google services. The identity of your Google profile may be shown to users who know your e-mail address or other identifying information about you.
To learn how your personally identifiable information is used by these social media sites, please refer to the privacy policy of the corresponding provider.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: (to view or change your privacy settings:
  • Google+:

Links to other websites

Toll Collect GmbH is not responsible for the content of external sites accessed through external links on the Toll Collect website (see also our Legal Information). Many links on our site refer to content which is not stored on our servers.
If you access an external website from our site, your browser may notify the external site of the site that referred you. The external provider is responsible for this information. We, like any other provider, have no control over this process.

Right to information

Toll Collect GmbH will be glad to share with you what, if any, personally identifiable information about you we have stored and how we collected it. If, despite our efforts to ensure security and accuracy, the information about you we have stored is incorrect, we will correct it immediately.

Data Protection Officer

If you have any further questions about data protection, please write to our data protection officer.

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Public Procedure Statement

Our Public Procedure Directory lists all the statutory information required in accordance with § 4 e BDSG [German Data Protection Act].